Industrial Machine Works adheres to a tradition of excellence that is now in its' third generation.

Industrial Machine Shop was founded by Rondal Howell in 1973. The company was incorporated into Industrial Machine Works in 1975.  The “day to day” operations of IMW are managed by Tim Howell and the shop is supervised by Lisa Howell.

IMWs' core competencies consist of a full range of functions and tasks critical to producing products that our customers want and need.The purpose of our company is to transform raw materials, mostly metals but some plastics, into useful products.

We do this in two distinct metal working shops within one business. The machine shop turns, bores, drills, taps, threads, grooves, and mills metals and plastics on a variety of CNC and manual machine tools. The fabrication shop shears, punches, plasma cuts, bends, welds, grinds, sand blasts, cleans, paints, and powder coats metals and plastics, with CNC and manual machines designed for these processes.


Industrial Machine Works can become a valuable asset to your company. We can provide you with high quality machined and fabricated products in a manner, that will allow you to contain production costs and streamline operations.  We believe in building solid relationships with our customers based upon good communication and working toward success together. Manufacturing services offered:  Manual and CNC turning. Manual milling and three axis CNC milling including helical machining and thread milling. Plasma cutting, laser cutting, welding, sandblasting, pressure cleaning, priming, painting and powder coating. High quality manufacturing services start with the best possible working relationship with our customers. To achieve this, we are committed to provide our customers with the highest quality parts, on time deliveries, and competitive prices. We build long term relationships with our customers. From early stages of development to the final product, we offer our assistance whenever possible.  IMW works with each customer whether the job involves one prototype part, a production run, or custom-built machinery.  We are here to provide the highest quality machine shop services. In all cases, we value good communication with our customers.... well proven by the results that we achieve.


High Quality Machine Shop Parts

Our modern and state-of-the-art facility combined with a team of experienced personnel means consistently producing high quality machine shop parts that meet today's demanding delivery schedules at competitive prices. Our proven high quality machine shop parts combined with sources for plating, heat treating, and special processes enable Industrial Machine Works to deliver parts finished to your specifications .Our in-plant capabilities allow us to produce quality machine shop parts, small or large quantities, meeting rigid commercial and military specifications. 


*Tools* Fixtures* Gages* Production and Development Parts* Custom Manufactured to Our Customers Specifications

        Manual and CNC machining capabilities

        The ability to manufacture and machine intricate parts in various sizes

        The flexibility to run long and short run orders

Precision Machining

We offer a variety of manual and CNC machining services based on the accuracy, precision, cost, quantities, and complexity of the shapes involved. We swing up to 24 inches in diameter, 12ft between centers, and 4 inches through the spindle. When it comes to rectangular or special shapes, our mills cut as much as 20” wide x 42” long x 18” tall. Industrial Machine Works employs state-of-the art computerized machining with modern CNC turning and machining centers.  Our in-house operation allows us to produce highly machined and precise parts to our customers’ specifications.  A combination of manual and CNC machining centers gives us the ability to turn, mill, or bore your parts as specified, with finishes ranging from 500 to 16 RMS.This integrated machining allows us to provide our customers with a complete solution. Our commitment to quality and excellence is the driving force behind everything we produce. We specialize in close tolerance milling and turning of small to medium size parts in a wide variety of materials. We can machine everything from aluminum to high nickel aerospace alloys, and we regularly hold tolerances of .0005 of an inch. Lot quantities range from single part prototypes to high volume production runs.


Industrial Machine Works, Inc. is pleased to be of service to these fine companies.


Air Products
Alabama Pine Pulp
Applied Industrial Technologies
Ascend Performance Materials LLC
Dothan Inc.
FMS Engineering
Georgia Pacific
Grainger Integrated Supply
Graphics Packaging
Gulf Coast Systems
International Paper
Knox Kershaw
Packaging Corporation of America
Plastic Coated Paper
Quincy Compressor
Smurfit Stone Container
Solutia Chemical
Star Paper Tube
Vintage Petroleum
Weyerhaeuser Company